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"We take a huge amount of pride in working with our customers - on their success; on building their business; on offering quality products; and the highest levels of training and support. This approach to operational excellence only works because we have the best people who are prepared to work as one team. We look forward to working with you."

Andrew Collett


Andrew Collett
Managing Director

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Our Sales team is here to make your life easier – we provide advice and support on product specification, selection, pricing/quotes and general queries to enable you to price your projects and place your order.

Sales Support: 01926 452 452 (option 1)    Email:

Lisa Elbourn Blue

Lisa Elbourn
Communications Manager

Daniel Pahal Blue

Daniel Pahal
Business Development Manager

Peter Reid Blue

Peter Reid
Senior Sales Engineer

Amy Collett Blue

Amy Collett
Sales Engineer

Spencer Dove Blue

Spencer Dove
Sales Engineer


What we do

We spend our time talking to our customers, ensuring you have all the information you need to make the right purchase for your requirements.


Everyone in the Sales team has in-depth knowledge of our door drives, control panels and the full product range we sell at GfA.  It means we can talk to you from a technical standpoint as well as a financial one.


How we help

We take the time to understand precisely what you need and the project for which you need it. Only then do we recommend the products that fit the bill.  

When you contact us with your door specification, or for a part or price, we know you want an answer fast. Our aim is to deliver the answers you need as soon as possible but to also ensure this is the right fit for your job.

We encourage our customers to attend one of our monthly training courses, delivered by our Technical team, to provide an overview of our product range alongside a hands-on practical session working with our TS Control panels. 

If you want to visit the state-of-the-art GfA facility in Warwick, we can arrange it for you.

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When you need to talk to an expert in industrial door drive and control solutions, get in touch with the GfA Sales team.

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Our Technical team provides support to you and your engineers at every stage of your project.

Technical Support: 01926 452 452 (option 2)    Email:

Paul Standley Blue

Paul Standley
Head of Technical

Chris Johns Blue

Chris John
Senior Technical Support Engineer

Tim Drysch Blue

Timothy Drysch
Head of Electrical

Reece Johnson Blue

Reece Johnson
Quality & Projects Engineer

Rhobat Edwards Blue

Rhobat Edwards
Electrical Design Engineer


What we do

We offer support with product selection, installation, commissioning and fault finding, and part of our job is to make sure you get the most from your GfA purchase.  We ensure our service standards are in keeping with our industry leading product.

We support both office based and on-site engineers who are working with GfA products. These engineers are typically:

  • From service & maintenance companies
  • Installation engineers fitting doors or our product for the first time
  • Dealing with emergency call outs and require on the spot help


Usually, we’re able to fix the problem there and then over the phone. If you send us a photo, we can often see the issue immediately. We take a systematic, logical approach to finding faults and offering solutions.  We’re highly-trained and provide a proven support network to you and your engineers.

We also ensure everyone at GfA has the right amount of technical knowledge to serve you in their role; we created a comprehensive training course that all our teams - Sales, Customer Service, Technical, Warehouse & apprentices - go through when they join GfA.


How we help

Our extensive product range will often meet your requirements, but we know there’s not always a one-size-fits-all solution. At GfA we have the technical knowledge to design bespoke solutions for special projects. When you come to us with a bespoke brief, we’ll deliver all the  necessary drawings to bring it to life. 

We ensure our service standards are in keeping with our industry leading product and as well as spending time helping engineers, we also invest a lot of time in furthering our own industry and product knowledge to ensure we can support our Customer Services team with the technicalities of your aftersales enquiries. 

We also provide training courses for all GfA customers, delivering an overview of our product range alongside a hands-on practical session working with our TS Control Panels.

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Technical Team

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If you’re in need of technical support, don’t hesitate to call the GfA Technical team.

Out of hours or at weekends, you can also use the GfA+ App and product areas of this website to find product information and guidance on fault codes and how to remedy your issue.

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View our videos on tech tips, fault codes, control panels and advice

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Customer Services

Our Customer Services team is here to ensure you’re always satisfied with our products and service provided.

Customer Services: 01926 452 452 (option 3)    Email:

Joanne Dance Blue

Joanne Dance
Customer Services Manager

Gemma Budd Blue

Gemma Budd
Senior Customer Services Support

Kathryn Cossey Blue

Kathryn Cossey
Customer Services Support

Jasbir Flora Blue

Jasbir Flora
Customer Service Engineer

Lee Kelsey

Lee Kelsey
Customer Service Engineer


What we do

Primarily we process your orders and are your aftersales point of call.  We are here to assist with any enquiries you may have about stock, lead-times on product, deliveries, POD's, returns and replacement product.

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent  level of customer service and are always here to discuss any queries or concerns you may have about your order or product.  We put our customers first and take the time to understand your unique needs - we will always do our best to provide the highest level of support by offering swift solutions and assistance where needed.

Customer Services-2


How we help

We understand that from time-to-time issues will arise, so we’re here to ensure your aftersales experience is as seamless as possible. We work with our Technical team to provide solutions swiftly, including processing any replacement products required.

Please click below to see details on our returns process.

Returns Information

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If you need to talk about any aspect of your order, please don’t hesitate to contact the GfA Customer Services team today on 01926 452 452 – option 3

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