New TS Control Panel Manuals & GfA+ App Update

29 September 2023
We have revised our installation instruction manuals for TS Control Panels.

What's new?

The manuals have been optimised in terms of content, making them easier to use.

The topics have been newly arranged - without repetition - so are more clear, saving you time when reading.
The manuals meet internationally recognised specifications.
The TS 981 with door locking mechanism is now covered in a separate manual.

The new installation instructions are being delivered with the GfA TS 959, 970, 971 & 981 Control Panels. The manuals can also be downloaded directly from the Products area on our new website, as well as via the GfA Portal* where they are available in 16 languages by entering the 13-digit item number. For more information, click here.
*Registration required at:

GfA+ App Update

The latest version (2.1.6) of the GfA+ App is now available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
google-play-badge-1Download on the app store

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